The week that was (longest day edition)

Fiction became fact when the Facebook livestream of a Pakistani politician’s face was adorned with kitten ears when someone inadvertently flipped on a video filter. This was the topic of a Saturday Night Live skit just a few months earlier.

Finnish national broadcaster YLE discontinued its weekly Nuntii Latini, newscast spoken entirely in Latin. Not to worry, the Catholic Church has announced the Vatican Radio will start hosting one of its own Latin broadcasts.

The 100-year old Monterey Cypress tree in San Diego that is said to have inspired Dr. Suess’ story of The Lorax fell over. No word on if the Once-Ler is to blame.

A new type of whale was discovered. Confirmed by DNA tests on a skull discovered in 1990, scientists announced the first recorded hybrid beluga-narwhal. Still undecided is if it is to be called a belugawhal. A narwhaluga.

Marijuana Pepsi is now Dr. Marijuana Pepsi after earning her dissertation on “Black names in white classrooms: Teacher behaviors and student perceptions.”

Mitsubishi is selling a $270 toaster that toasts one perfect slice of bread at a time.

Facebook helped re-unite a man with his prosthetic ear that washed up on a beach in Florida.

An army of ants took over a United Airlines flight from Venice to New York. Here’s the tale told in a 22-part twitter thread.

An entire NYC subway car broke out in spontaneous and unprompted song.

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