Quirky stories from the week prior.

In a brilliant stroke of inspiration, the French Army admitted that they lack imagination and hired a team of science fiction writers to dream up future threats so the nation can better prepare to defend against them.

Some shoppers enjoyed quite the bargain on Amazon Prime Day. Due to a configuration error, one part of the site was selling everything for $94.48. This included the $550 camera and even $13,000 lens.

In order to tackle rising stress among students, Delhi University in India is teaching a 6-month course on happiness. This is taught by the School of Happiness in association with the Harvard University’s Centre of Public Health and Happiness

Another government agency got a little frisky with their Facebook live stream again. This time it was the spokesperson for the Royal Canadian Mounties who donned the kitten whiskers.

When a rockslide in northern British Columbia prevented thousands of salmon from swimming upstream to mate and lay eggs, the Canadian government leapt into action and airlifted them to their final destination.

The World Economic Forum published a hopeful piece, Cheese energy could power hundreds of UK homes. We’ll leave it at that and let the curious enjoy.

The normally taciturn residents of New Hampshire are up in arms over the Governor’s choice for the state poet laureate. Instead of choosing from a short list of candidates nominated by the Poetry Society, Gov. Chris Sununu (yes, related to that Sununu) has gone with a relative unknown who is primarily known for dittys such as The Girls of Vancouver 2010 and a saucy limerick involving former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

Photo credit: Reddit user Titors_Time_Machine