The week that was

A French inventor flew across the English channel on a hoverboard.

Chase Bank, anxious to exit the Canadian market, took a write off and forgave all outstanding credit card debt on it’s accounts. This move flabbergasted the Canadians who followed up to ask if they should declare their unexpected windfall as income on their taxes.

Several nations have issued travel advisories warning citizens not to travel to the United States due to the rash of mass shootings. Back here in America, the random violence has given rise to a new type of back-to-school item, the bullet-resistant backpack.

“Honorable Speaker, one of us has polluted the air and I know who it is,” pronounced one member of the Kenyan regional assembly as a loud fart had disrupted the debate and the foul smell required everyone to step outside to “clear the air.”

A tornado touched down in. . . Amsterdam.

An Israeli spacecraft crashed into the moon, spilling a payload of thousands of tardigrades, also known as “water bears” the toughest animal in the known universe.

Amazon deployed robots to deliver Amazon packages on the streets of Southern California.

63,133 rubber duckies were dumped into the Chicago River.

Photo credit: Reddit user FiggityFudger






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