Month: March 2020

  • Can’t keep us down

    The human spirit is irrepressibly creative. Three mates stuck in their apartment Barcelona hit a chord with their bit, Stay Homas and have now become an internet sensation with their own YouTube channel and a profile in the New Yorker.

  • Exponential Growth

    I found this video and accompanying visualization of exponential growth on a logarithmic scale helpful, if not terrifying. Animated plot of selected nations does not bode well for the United States. When looking at the growth along a logarithmic scale you see the United States and Italy shoot up and to the right like fireworks…

  • Group Play

    Group Play

    Stuck at home, the world’s symphonies are using technology to play, together. I learned later that each of the Rotterdam musicians did their bit without practice.

  • The week that was

    The week that was

    Snippets from our new pandemic reality.

  • Fever Hotspots

    Fever Hotspots

    Smart thermometer company Kinsa allows users of its product to upload their temperature readings along with their location via an app. In normal times, the US Health Weather Map is used to predict influenza trends and compare outbreaks to previous years. But this year is not normal. Kinsa is suggesting that the Atypical tab on…

  • Remote Teaching

    What is it like to teach to an empty room?

  • The week that was

    The week that was

    WFH edition

  • Shelter in Place

  • The week that was

    The week that was

    Coronavirus edition