Fever Hotspots

Smart thermometer company Kinsa allows users of its product to upload their temperature readings along with their location via an app. In normal times, the US Health Weather Map is used to predict influenza trends and compare outbreaks to previous years.

But this year is not normal. Kinsa is suggesting that the Atypical tab on their map might be useful as a predictor for where the next Covid-19 breakout may occur.

As you can see on the map – it looks like the next hotspots after New York and New Jersey are the beaches of Florida (remember the Spring Breakers?) and, for some reason, two counties in Colorado.

Overall trend data for the United States also shows something is amiss.

Based on our data, influenza-like illness levels in the U.S. are higher than what we’d expect at this time of year. (Kinsa)

I’ll be watching this page and update when appropriate.





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