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  • Fever Hotspots

    Fever Hotspots

    Smart thermometer company Kinsa allows users of its product to upload their temperature readings along with their location via an app. In normal times, the US Health Weather Map is used to predict influenza trends and compare outbreaks to previous years. But this year is not normal. Kinsa is suggesting that the Atypical tab on…

  • Coronavirus visualization

    Coronavirus visualization

    The Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins is pulling together data from the WHO and CDC and two Chinese health site, the NHC and Dingxiangyuan into a Google Sheet the drives the visualization above. You can read more about the map and how they put it together on their blog.

  • US Immigration, visualized

    US Immigration, visualized

    Historical immigration to the U.S. shown as a set of tree rings.

  • Charting the Digital Revolution

    Charting the Digital Revolution

    The New York Times┬ádata blog, The Upshot has a data-dump piece illustrating the impact of the recession on various sectors of the economy. You can see the full hairball image at the top of the post but what I’ve highlighted is how the digital transformation of publishing has impacted the media business. Up top you…

  • See and Say in the San Francisco Bay

    I’ve written about Eric Fischer’s work before (Digital Cartography, Digital Contrails). His work takes massive amounts of data and plots them geo-spatially to create beautiful maps. His latest piece shows Twitter and Flickr around the San Francisco Bay. Red dots are locations of Flickr pictures. Blue dots are locations of Twitter tweets. White dots are…

  • FourSquare Visualize Me

    Kristian Luoma from Finland pinged me yesterday, curious why I still used Foursquare. When I lived in Finland, we were one of the first people on the ground to use the app and we used to compete on who would retain the mayorship of Helsinki’s Vantaa Airport. I no longer really care about being the…

  • Digital Contrails

    Digital Contrails

    What do you do when you have access to the twitter firehose and a top notch geo-visualization artist? Make beautiful maps of course! Gnip and Eric Fischer got together with MapBox and plotted millions of tweets by location, language, and device to come up with some fantastic interactive maps.   The map above is Tokyo…

  • Visualizations – Foursquare and Twitter

    Visualizations – Foursquare and Twitter

    Foursquare and Twitter both released experiments that let you look at a visualization of your activity on that service over time. One is art that happens to convey information and tell a story of your travels thru time and space. The other is a functional dashboard that is designed to give you and idea of…

  • Media Distillery

    Media Distillery

    Fooling around with wordle.net here is what I get when I post the entire text of the top four articles referenced by three leading social, news aggregators. http://paper.li/iankennedy http://www.linkedin.com/today/ http://summify.com/iankennedy/ The top four articles, which got top billing across all three services, were: Women of Color in Tech: How Can We Encourage Them? – TechCrunch…