The week that was

I took last week off to reset. Both to shake out four year’s worth of fight-or-flight crouching and also to finish moving into a new home. I’m now a New Yorker!

Feeling much more relieved and refreshed. Now back to the groove. Here’s some news I dropped in the basket over the past two weeks.

Some countries have amnesty programs for crimes previously committed but in England they just press the delete key.

A San Francisco developer who has $220 million in Bitcoin stored on a hard drive has only two guesses at the password (which he has long since forgotten) before he’s locked out permanently. He seems at peace with it though.

12 bottles of Bordeaux came back to earth after spending a year aging in weightlessness at the International Space Station as part of an experiment funded by, you guessed it, the French. No word on if any bottles were consumed in space.

Oakley, known for their sports sunglasses, solved the foggy-glasses-because-of-mask problem with a new design, meet the MSK3.

Coronavirus infections are spreading in China again and Covid-19 has now been detected in the ice cream supply.

It was revealed that Rudy Giuliani, who pinned much of his legal attack on the legitimacy of the presidential election on provisional ballots, voted with a provisional ballot.

Its future may be uncertain under the new administration but at least the Space Force knows that its HQ will be in Alabama.

A top gamer has retired from the professional circuit at 25 because of an injury to his thumb.

The Queen Mary went bankrupt.






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