The week that was

The FBI is still hauling in those that were part of the January 6th invasion of the capitol. Suspects identified from social media posts are brought in for questioning to dispel any doubt. That was not necessary for the guy who answered the door wearing his, “I Was There, Washington D.C., January 6, 2021” t-shirt.

Leave your computer open while you go off to do something and sometimes your kid gets in there and fiddles with things. All fun and games and a teachable moment, unless you’re working for U.S. Strategic Command.

A 53-year old fugitive ex-mafioso, who has been on the run from the Italian police for 7 years, was finally tracked down to his home in the Dominican Republic because of his YouTube cooking videos.

The Nerf company will pay someone $10,000 a month to be their Chief TikTok Officer.

In a brilliant, jiu jitsu move, Zoe Scaman has created a service that turns unsolicited dick pics into one of a kind NFTs available for sale on the blockchain where they need to be purchased to be taken down.

Someone hooked up an old Game Boy and hacked it so it can mine Bitcoin. He figures it would take “several quadrillion years to mine one bitcoin (worth $52k in USD).

An unopened copy of Super Mario Brothers for the original Nintendo sold for $660,000.

An April Fool’s joke went horribly wrong when mayhem ensued after thousands showed up for a fake Daft Punk concert.

A family of Scottish rabbits unwittingly made an important archeological discovery when they uncovered relics from the Bronze age while burrowing a hole for their new shelter.






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