Dozens of people in Cuba have complained that croquetas made by a state company are exploding when cooked and causing burns. The company, Prodal, admitted its croquetas are prone to “violence” and warned customers to prepare them more carefully.

A couple in South Korea mistook cans of paint and brushes strewn about in front of an untitled painting on display at a mall as an invitation to participate and ended up defacing a $500,000 work.

Hyundai announced the arrival of their Genesis brand in China by breaking the world record using 3,281 drones to display its logo over the nighttime skies of Shanghai.

The United States Postal Service, tired of getting its copyright ripped off without compensation, put its foot down and threw serious shade towards Nike.

“We can’t see you” said the control tower to Ethiopian Airlines flight ET3891 that was scheduled to land at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe Airport. The pilot landed at the Copperbelt International Airport, still under construction, 15 miles away.

A South London man was stabbed to death at a vigil for a man who was stabbed to death.

100 tourists were kicked out of their Florida hotel rooms when they got a call in their rooms saying that the hotel had been sold and they had to get out of their rooms by 4 p.m.

About the photo: taken at the 2013 Outside Lands festival, Land’s End stage in San Francisco during the Young the Giant set