The week that was

While the cryptocurrency Dogecoin spiked to new highs we learned its co-creator sold off all his holdings in 2015 so he could pay his rent.

Buzzfeed found Joe Biden’s Venmo account.

Trump supporters are recounting ballots in Arizona, again, in order to prove the election was rigged. This time they are looking for traces of bamboo.

A Tibetan sherpa scaled Everest for a record 25th time.

Remember the birds from last week? Now it’s condors and they will not leave.

Colombian cocaine traffickers, tired of getting ripped off by their Texas lawyer, filed charges and hauled him before a federal judge.

It took a review of security cam footage to find the person who bought the $26 million lottery ticket but when asked for it, the winner realized she sent it through the wash.

A cat in Chicago took a flying leap from a fifth floor window to escape an apartment fire and casually walked away and somebody got it on video.

The United Kingdom has passed a law that declares animals as sentient beings.






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