Akamai’s Denial-of-Service software inadvertently denied service to major banks and airlines in Australia.

A Chinese construction company built a 10-story apartment building, complete with all electrical, lighting, water supply, and drainage in 28 hours and 45 minutes.

At the G7 summit, US president Joe Biden gifted UK prime minister Boris Johnson a $6,000 custom bicycle handcrafted by Philadelphia-based Bilenky Cycle Works adorned with hand-painted US/UK flags. The Johnson gifted Biden a photo of a Frederick Douglass mural printed out from Wikipedia.

British authorities have impounded a massive replica of Noah’s Ark which they found unseaworthy.

Cristiano Ronaldo shifted two bottles of Coca-Cola which were strategically placed in view while the soccer superstar gave a press conference. Shares of the soft-drink company cratered, wiping nearly $4 billion off the company’s market value.

As is custom, visiting athletes at Japan’s Olympic village will have access to 160,000 condoms but are being told to heed Covid protocols and “avoid unnecessary forms of physical contact”.

Doctors have invented a device that cures hiccups.