The US is imposing new sanctions on Chinese biotech and surveillance companies involved in the biometric surveillance and tracking of Uyghur Muslims.

The Iranian government vowed to impose sanctions against American entities and individuals involved in police brutality against Black people.

Everybody was reading Renay Mandel Corren’s obituary.

Cracks appeared in Meta’s “warm and fuzzy” depiction of virtual reality as one beta tester reported being groped by a stranger.

Jeff Garlin, an actor in the TV series The Goldbergs, was kicked off the set after HR complaints about his abusive behavior. Garlin’s body double will take his place while Garlin’s face will be digitally superimposed in post-production.

Eric Clapton successfully sued a 55-year old German widow for listing one of her late-husband’s bootleg CDs for $11.

In order to prevent smash-and-grab looting raids, The Grove, a high-end shopping mall in Los Angeles, added fencing that resembles barbed wire to its outdoor decor. “The coil wire is a reasonably new technology in retail crime prevention”

Due to a “lapse of concentration” a trader listed a Bored Ape NFT for a tenth of its market value. The lucky buyer sniped it for the equivalent of $40k and re-listed it for $248k.

Former First Lady Melania Trump proudly listed an NFT that is a watercolor of Melania Trump’s icy glare encoded with an audio recording of Mrs. Trump reciting “a message of hope.” Each piece is available for 1 SOL ($180).

Russian economists have concluded that investing in Lego is more lucrative than investing in gold.