Amazon engineers scrambled to update Alexa’s library of “challenges” when a concerned parent reported the AI assistant suggested sticking a penny in an electrical socket.

A meteor exploded in Pennsylvania with the energy equivalent to 30 tons of TNT.

A three-ton Russian satellite plunged into the Pacific Ocean.

It rained small fish in eastern Texas.

The Taliban ordered shop mannequin beheadings, saying the dummies are ‘idols’ and are forbidden by Islam.

Israeli scientists have figured out how to harness electricity from seaweed.

The Girl Scouts are launching a new cookie. This year you can ask for Adventurefuls.

Sony announced the firmest plans yet for their new electric cars.

Kim Jong-un surprised the world by informing us all that it was actually his dad who invented the burrito.

Tired of unflattering Google search results, the country of Turkey officially changed its name to Turkiye.

A newly discovered species of tree found in the jungles of Cameroon was named after Leonardo DiCaprio.