Cheese theft, vaccine overdose, and the politician who tripped on Godwin's Law.

Anti-government activist (and Idaho gubernatorial candidate) Ammon Bundy was fined and sentenced to 10 days in jail for contempt of court when he tried to argue that time spent campaigning for governor should count towards his 40 hours of community service stemming from earlier trespassing charges.

An Alaska man who lives in a town called North Pole, looks like Santa, and legally changed his name to Santa Claus has registered to run against Sarah Palin for the lone congressional seat representing Alaska. Would you vote against Santa?

San Francisco cops pulled over an autonomously driven taxicab and were not sure what to do.

A Florida Man has been accused of stealing 63 golf carts in a “crime spree across 7 states.”

In Denmark, thieves made off with thousands of pounds of cheese, worth about $23,000.

A Tennessee state senator dug himself into an awkward hole when he tried to illustrate how Hitler was able pull himself up out of homelessness and, “went on to lead a life that got him into history books.”

A German man apparently received 90 doses of the COVID vaccine in a scheme to sell proof of vaccination cards.

A stranger bumped into a woman buying lottery tickets and caused her to purchase a $30 ticket by mistake. She ended up with a $10 million windfall.

For the first time ever, wind power eclipsed both coal and nuclear energy in the United States.

A company called Space Perspective is offering an alternative to blasting tourists into space on top of a giant, carbon-belching rocket. For $125k (selected Crypto accepted), they will float you gently aloft under a giant weather balloon in a pressurized cabin with comfortable lounge chairs, mood lighting and, a fully-stocked bar. The flight will last six hours and you’ll spend a good 2 hours at altitude. Flights begin in late-2024.

From the front 🇺🇦

The Russian government, famous for suppressing news of the Chernobyl disaster, gave their soldiers maps from before the disaster, unnecessarily exposing them to radiation.

Russia finally admitted that the flagship cruiser Moskva (the one that was told to fuck itself) sank in the Black Sea. The Russian navy is not prepared to admit that the Moskva sank after a direct hit from two Ukrainian missiles but has preferred to admit that the pride of the Russian Black Sea Navy sank because of “incredibly lax safety procedures and damage control.”

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