Johnny sprung a leak, George W. admits what we knew all along, and the Crosswalk Collective strikes again.

Someone placed a perfect shot into the silhouette of Johnny Cash on a water tower in Arkansas so it looked like the Man in Black was taking a leak.

A mayor of a town in Australia quickly back-pedaled on his idea of installing a prayer room next to the City Council chambers after a local Satanist group asked to reserve it for a ceremony.

After setting up a perimeter, evacuating residents, and bringing in a tactical response team, police in Duluth, Minnesota ended a six-hour standoff when they realized that the suspect was not home.

Pearl Jam’s drummer came down with COVID but the show must go on so several guests filled in for their Oakland concert including a local 18-year-old from Mill Valley

A French soccer team fired their Brazilian defender for excessive flatulence in the locker room.

The longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world opened to the public in the Czech Republic. The 721-meter bridge spans two mountain ridges and is suspended 95 meters above the valley floor.

Los Angeles city workers were busy scrubbing the streets clean of illicit pedestrian crosswalks installed by a secretive group called the Crosswalk Collective.

California lawmakers sat in darkness after a power outage in downtown Sacramento delayed the start of California’s Legislature.

A 2-year old Texas boy used his mom’s phone to order 31 cheeseburgers via the DoorDash including a $16 tip for the driver.

New Yorkers were reminded there is no such thing as a free lunch when Grubhub’s $15 lunch promo went off the rails and backfired. Orders came into the system at a peak volume of 6,000 orders/minute and quickly overwhelmed hapless restaurants, many who were not warned of the marketing stunt.

George W. Bush committed what is perhaps the greatest Freudian Slip of all time.