Primary Election Day, NYC

Today it’s primary election day to choose your party’s nominee for the Governor of New York. I’ll be voting for the Democratic nominee which comes down to a choice between three, incumbent Kathy Hochul, Tom Suozzi, and Jumaane Williams.

I watched their last debate. While all three candidates have similar positions, it’s worth watching the debate to see how they air their differences. Towards the end, each candidate was asked a “Lightning Round” question to sum things up and try and get a sense of who each person was based on a personality-defining issue.

Question, “What would your bagel be?

Kathy Hochul – Cinnamon Raisin with “whatever sweet cream cheese they’ll put on it,  usually maple syrup”

Tom Suozzi – Poppyseed with Tuna Fish

Jumaane Williams – Lox, Cream Cheese, Onions and Capers

Some other resources, if you’re still undecided:







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