Congratulations to Astrid, Mark, Sean and the rest of the PK crew on their refresh of!

Congratulations to Astrid, Mark, Sean and the rest of the PK crew on their refresh of!

PechaKucha (pe-cha-koo-cha) has been around for years (first wrote about them back in 2012) and I’ve know Astrid and Mark even longer when they contributed to my first website, TokyoQ. PechaKucha has grown exponentially over the years as an organic movement that builds community around the sharing of ideas through a very simple format, 20 slides x 20 seconds a slide.

If you haven’t attended a PK Night, get out there and do so. There are over 1200 communities out there so if you’re in a city, there is bound to be an organizer nearby. Don’t see one in your town? They give you all the tools and make it easy to host one. One way to appreciate the vibrancy and creativity of the hosts is to peruse their event poster archive.

Meta-alert! There are a few PK presentations on the latest features on the site:

While the physical gatherings are what is special about PechaKucha, Mark has always struggled with how to capture the performative aspects of the live presentations and bringing it online. This latest launch represents the bringing together all the tools necessary to not only host a PK Night but also how to capture and upload the presentation so others that were not at the performance can join.

The archive is there so you can browse around by presenter, city, or topic. I went back and refreshed past performances I wrote about including:

Make it So, one person’s adventures with a Captain Picard action figure

Sprinkling Pixie Dust at Disney, reflections of a cast member at Disneyland

Marking the City, the quintessential PK presentation on those strange markings you see around a modern city

Today I found a new PK to share by poking around to see what stories the community had to share about my new home, NYC. After some poking around, I found this presentation from Scott Cornwall, a bike messenger from the 90’s, sharing his experiences: