A slow boat to Asia, the coming Sriracha shortage and a chocolate bath.

Japanese engineers have figured out how to make the internet go faster, achieving the world’s first transmission speed of 1.02 petabits per second. How fast is that? Fast enough to support 10 million channels of 8K livestreaming.

An 83-year old Japanese man completed a solo crossing of the Pacific sailing from San Francisco to Japan on his 19-foot sailboat. In 1962, he was the first person in the world to complete a solo, nonstop sail across the Pacific the other way from Japan to San Francisco. “I imagine my next voyage would be even more fun,” he said.

News came out that a 15-year old drone hobbyist was a key reason Ukrainian forces were able to stop the advance of a column of Russian forces outside of Kyiv in February.

North Korea, accused of testing an ICBM a few weeks ago, was put in charge of a top nuclear disarmament forum at the United Nations.

Huy Fong Foods, makers of the most popular Sriracha sauce, announced that due to an unexpected crop failure from the spring chili harvest there will be a severe shortage of the green-capped hot sauce for the next few months.

Due to the ongoing drought in California, farmers have been burning dead crops, further contributing to poor air quality and the drought.

Two workers were rescued after falling into a tank full of chocolate at a Mars M&M factory.

A congressional hearing pre-empted prime time television to lay out the case that the January 6th invasion of the Capitol was ultimately orchestrated with the full knowledge of Donald Trump. The New York Post editorial board finally threw in the towel, calling Trump the King Lear of Mar-a-Lago and a prisoner of his own ego. “Trump can’t look past 2020. Let him remain there.”