Happy not happy, the little boat that could, and a Turing test for humans.

A software engineer at Google raised concerns that one of their artificial intelligence algorithms had reached sentience. He was put on administrative leave by the company. The ensuing debate over whether the transcript of the AI proved sentience or not became a Turing test of our own understanding of technology.

A 180,000 square meter autonomous cargo ship completed the 33-day voyage from the Gulf of Mexico, through the Panama Canal and into a port in South Korea using AI to determine the optimal route for fuel efficiency and distance.

The Nonhuman Rights Project lost its plea to free Happy, an elephant in the Bronx Zoo, who they argued was being unlawfully imprisoned. Extending habeas corpus to animals “would call into question the very premises underlying pet ownership” stated the majority decision. We also learned that Grumpy, who arrived with Happy in 1977, died after a confrontation with other elephants in 2002.

Microsoft retired their Internet Explorer web browser after nearly 27 years of continuous updates. The entire world has moved on to more modern browsers including Microsoft’s own Edge browser. All except for the Japan Pension Service that still requires Internet Explorer to function.

Joe Maddon, manager of the Los Angeles Angels, shaved his hair into a mohawk to motivate his team during a 14-game losing streak. The team never got to see it though because the GM fired him in-person at home before he could report to work.

The Golden State Warriors won. . . again.

An Alabama man, heartbroken at the sudden death of his fiancee in a car crash, was arrested for placing flowers at her graveside. The fiancee’s father, who did not approve of the marriage, reported him for littering.