Choco Taco fever, spider robots, and marauding monkeys

Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann complained of abdominal discomfort after drinking a glass of water from a river on the 22nd anniversary of its cleaning. He was there to announce the launch of a campaign to clean rivers in the state.

GOP Congressman Glenn Thompson attended the wedding of his gay son three days after voting against a bill that would codify same-sex marriage with federal protections.

Four women rowed in two-hour shifts and averaged 90 minutes of sleep each day covering more than 2,400 nautical miles across the Pacific Ocean to reach Hawaii from San Francisco in record time.

Ko Yamaguchi made such waves with his crazy switch hitting at the Japan High School baseball tournament that the Major League Baseball blog wrote about him. “This savant from Japan is taking switch-hitting to a new extreme.” I later learned about a player in the 1950s named Eddie Gaedel and something called the Eephus pitch.

On Monday, fans of the beloved Choco Taco ice cream treat mourned its announced discontinuation. Good Morning America did a piece on how to make your own Choco Tacos. A silicon valley executive offered to buy the rights and revive the dessert. Eater did a piece on where to find “even better” versions of the treat. By Friday, The Wall Street Journal hinted (hopefully) that maybe it was all a stunt and the Choco Taco might come back?

Researchers at Rice University figured out how to animate dead spiders and turn them into robot gripping claws.

Monkey attacks on people in the Japanese town of Yamaguchi have gotten so frequent and brazen that city hall has hired a special unit to hunt the animals with tranquilizer guns. On Wednesday, they got one member of the gang. They are still looking for Caesar.

The K-Pop girl band Fromis_9 will now become an eight member troupe after one member decided not to renew her contract. No word on if the band will change its name.