The week that was

Due to catastrophic flooding, one third of Pakistan was underwater.

A volunteer with severe liver disease will have donor liver cells injected into his lymph nodes. If all goes according to plan, this person will be the first to grow their own new liver.

Cryptocurrency trading platform accidentally transferred $10.5m to an Australian woman while processing her $100 refund. The company failed to notice decimal point error for several months and now want their money back. One hitch is that the woman has since purchased a $1.35M house.

Someone hacked into a popular Russian taxi app and called every available cab to the same address in Moscow causing a massive traffic jam.

The USDA is dropping millions of biscuits soaked in the rabies vaccine from airplanes flying across 13 states as part of a campaign to rid wild animals of the disease.

A truck full of tomato sauce crashed in California spilling the contents across the highway. The next day, on the other coast, a different truck spilled Alfredo sauce across a Memphis interstate. Bon Appétit has the story.

The Japanese government, caught off guard with the shutdown of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, decided to take more aggressive steps to reduce their dependence on old technology, such as the floppy disk. Apparently fax machines are next.

A recently adopted Texas law requires public schools to display a poster bearing the motto, “In God We Trust” and that schools not pay for them. When Sravan Krishna heard that, he offered to donate a couple of colorful signs to his local North Texas school that said the same thing, in Arabic. The school board was not amused.

CNN dug into transcripts of Trump’s past interviews and speeches and found that the former President, currently under suspicion of withholding classified documents, was quite adamant that anyone caught with classified material should be punished and thrown in jail for a long time.

Apparently, one of the missing empty folders marked “Classified” may have ended up in a display case at the bar in the lobby of the New York Trump Tower.






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