The gloves came off in the contentious Pennsylvania senate election when the Democratic hopeful, John Fetterman, put up billboards outside the Philadelphia Eagles’ home field before their game against the Dallas Cowboys accusing the Republican candidate Mehmet Oz a “Cowboys fan.”

Facebook Meta, flailing since pivoting to a company that makes a video game that no one wants to play, held their annual developer’s conference. The highlight was that avatars in their virtual world would now feature legs. Unfortunately, after getting called out on how a headset you strap on your face would be able to capture the movement of your legs, the company had to admit that motion capture sensors were used to for their canned demo.

Donald Trump attempted to sidestep a tax evasion lawsuit leveled at his company, the Trump Organization by allocating all assets to a newly established company, Trump Organization II. The NY State Attorney’s office was not pleased.

The sports cheater beat continued to deliver with this week’s news of the bear hunter illegally using doughnuts to bait his prey. Meanwhile, Bear 747 took home the winning crown for Fat Bear week. No doughnuts were involved.

Luxury magazine Robb Report reported on a pair of 140-year old Levis found in a mine shaft that were sold at an auction for over $87,000.

The theory was that nothing escapes a black hole was called into question after astronomers discovered that one particular black hole is “burping up” energy almost two years after ingesting a star.

If you missed reading The Onion’s Supreme Court brief linked in last week’s TWTW, I linked to it in a post along with an excerpt of my favorite part.

On a personal note, SmartNews held its annual Hackathon and one of my hacks is up and running in the wild. Chikyukun in English takes the daily culture lesson from SmartNews’ mascot, Chikyu, translates it into English and then tweets out the graphic and link to the lesson in English every morning on my twitter account. You can follow along here.

Bringing it all back to football in Pennsylvania, the Penn Hills high school football team learned an important lesson on playing until the whistle when their premature celebration cost them the game.

image from @adailycloud