The week that was

George Booth, who contributed cartoons to The New Yorker for more than five decades, died last week at age 96.

Democrat Anthony “Tony” DeLuca was re-elected to another term as Pennsylvania state representative. He passed away on October 9th.

The 114-year old Japanese candy company that made サクマドロップス went out of business.

Things got really confusing on Twitter when Elon Musk allowed anyone with $8 to purchase a blue checkmark that historically verified an account as authentic. Hundreds of users immediately verified themselves as Elon Musk to which the actual @elonmusk responded “This is actually me.”

AMC is pivoting to enterprise sales and partnering with Zoom to host large corporate zoom calls in their mostly empty movie theaters. Popcorn for your next company all hands will be available for an additional charge.

Somebody behind the KFC Germany mobile app confused the holiday list with memorial day list and accidentally sent out a promotion to commemorate Kristallnacht.

Philadelphia’s baseball team lost the World Series to Houston (perhaps averting economic doom) and their soccer team lost the MLS Cup to Los Angeles. The city took consolation and rallied behind Alexander Tominsky’s record breaking consumption of an entire rotisserie chicken for the 40th consecutive day.

The Tyson Foods’ CFO was arrested after being found asleep in a stranger’s bed. Officers found Tyson asleep in the bedroom and his clothes on the floor.






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