The final issue of TWTW.

Dana White’s “Power Slap” league launch event was delayed one week after the UFC president was caught on camera slapping his wife.

For the second year in a row, NYC’s No Pants Subway Ride has officially been canceled.

JPMorgan Chase is suing the founder of a fintech startup for allegedly lying about its scale and success by creating a list of 4 million fake users.

We still don’t have flying cars but we may get a flying motorcycle.

FEMA fired a California company hired to translate disaster relief instructions for Alaska Native Americans when it was discovered the instructions included such phrases as, “Your husband is a polar bear, skinnyā€¯

An employee at a high school in Maryland accidentally emailed explicit photos to the entire student body. “I am asking that all students, as responsible online citizens, not share the photos by email, social media outlets or other avenues,” said the school principal.

Liam Quigley published an exhaustive data analysis of every slice of pizza he has eaten in NYC since 2014.

And that’s going to do it folks. This Week That Was was a side project to highlight all the weird and wonderful stories that crossed my path over the course of managing the newsfeeds at SmartNews. As of last week, I don’t do that anymore so I’m going to give this weekly post a rest.

Thank you everyone that followed along, especially Roberto, Ian, Todd, Gregg Mie & Dav. It was a blast!