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  • Apple Price Drop: It was all part of the plan

    Steve Jobs ain’t no dummy. Robert Cringely writes, Apple introduced the iPhone at $599 to milk the early adopters and somewhat limit demand then dropped the price to $399 (the REAL price) to stimulate demand now that the product is a critical success and relatively bug-free. At least 500,000 iPhones went out at the old […]

  • Fake Steve Jobs is Unmasked

    Turns out Forbes columnist, Daniel Lyons, was the one behind Fake Steve Jobs’ blog. Brilliant timing too (heh), his satirical novel written in the voice of Mr. Jobs is due to hit the shelves in October. He was outed by a reporter at the New York Times who received an advance copy of the book […]

  • Tivo vs. Apple TV

    That was quick. I thought the distribution of home movies directly downloaded to Tivo would have been handled by the Amazon Unbox arrangement which I wrote about last week but I instead Tivo is promoting a service called One True Media. Here’s how it works. Upload your photos and short movies to the service that […]

  • Subscribe to PDF files via iTunes

    Steve Rubel points to an interesting development of Apple’s iTunes client. The addition of PDFs to iTunes is more than just a mildly interesting occurrence. iTunes, as a ubiquitous cross-platform app, has its own embedded browser that powers the music store. It’s conceivable that Apple could turn iTunes into a dedicated RSS reader that operates […]

  • Video Advertising – two approaches

    Apple announced today that it will run graphical ads in the lower-left hand corner of the iTunes product as users listen to podcasts on their PC. Advertising Age goes on to write that this will help offset the costs of producing and hosting podcasts. Everyone will be looking at this closely. In other news, I’ve […]

  • Mac Porn

    The sheer beauty of their design and packaging brings out a bout of technolust. Jason O’Grady posts a pictorial of the unpackaging of his brand new MacBook Pro. He even takes photos of the styrofoam cutouts!

  • Apple embeds poem in Mac OS

    Text of a poem that’s embedded in the new version of MacOS which runs on Intel chips. Apple today confirmed that it was put there to prevent piracy (or at least make those that pirate their software think twice.) There once was a user that whined his existing OS was so blind he’d do better […]

  • Apple Rumor Mill – Place Yer Bets!

    As much as I hate the prediction game, the temptation is just too great. With the keynote less than 24 hours away, here’s a roundup of some of the latest rumors of what’s going to come out of Steve Jobs’ pocket tomorrow followed by my picks. Intel-based Mac Mini & iBook (ThinkSecret) Mac Mini reworked […]

  • Brushed Metal gets the boot from iTunes

    There are quite a few Mac fans around the office. There was even a white board where people put up their guess as to what the big announcement from Apple was going to be about on Tuesday. Nano? Love it. Rokr phone? Nah. The designer geeks were all over the cosmetic changes to iTunes which […]

  • More details on Apple’s Spotlight

    A technical document recently posted on Apple’s developer site details Spotlight, the new desktop search technology due in the next release of the Mac OS. But more than a collection of individual technologies that work together, Spotlight gives you the ability to plug your application into the operating system and work with files in a totally […]

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