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  • Fridays mean Guiness

    The latest in a series of from the “Good things come to those who wait” commercials was filmed in a small village in northern Argentina. Hat tip to Scott with the deets.

  • Speaking with a Hangover

    Speaking with a Hangover

    Practical Advice from the Pros

  • Apple Core

    Izumi gave Julia an apple for a snack and a couple minutes later this was all that was left! She sure doesn’t leave anything to waste.

  • Zuppa, good for the soul

    Zuppa (564 4th St, San Francisco, 415.777.5900), an Italian restaurant around the corner from the Six Apart office, opened its doors today. Ginevra has been following their progress closely as they transformed the grey, bunker-like structure into an airy SOMA enoteca. After chatting up the head chef (which she confessed that she had thought was […]

  • Birf-day Weekend

    Tyler called me on Saturday and told me to look in the drawer under my sock drawer where Izumi and the kids had stashed a birthday card for me before I left. He was so excited to tell me about the suprise and it was so sweet to have something from them to kick off […]

  • O-Hashi

    It’s been said that a girls fine motor skills advance more quickly than boys and much to Tyler’s frustration, he’s seeing that play out each evening at the dinner table. Julia has mastered the chopsticks to the point where she can pick up individual peas while her older brother is left to shoveling them into […]

  • “Like Mommy Does”

    We had some guests over for dinner on Saturday. Julia now insists on helping out and she even has her own knife (dulled slightly but fine for cutting cabbage) and an apron sent to her by a family friend, Tani-san. She loves cleaning up as well and, at three, is a great little helper. It […]

  • Hamako Sushi

    Last night Izumi and I went to Sushi Hamako on Carl Street in San Francisco. Run by a husband & wife team out of the ground floor of an old Victorian a few blocks from Haight-Ashbury, they’ve been putting out great sushi for the past 20 years. Open from 6:30pm until, “the rice runs out” […]

  • Thai Brunch in Berkeley

    Thai Brunch in Berkeley

    We finally made it to the Thai Brunch place in Berkeley that my sister has been wanting to take us since we arrived. Both Dav and my sister have blogged it and now it’s our turn. Nice to start off the day with a spice kick but be sure to arrive when they open at […]

  • You can almost taste it

    Izumi’s junior high classmate is an accomplished photographer and worth checking out for his unique ability to capture the essence of Japan.