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  • Reuters opens up bureau in Second Life

    Reuters opens up bureau in Second Life

    Can taxation be far behind?

  • 1K Project

    The 1K Project overlays 1,000 replays from the PC game Trackmania and composites them into a single video. A lesson in automotive physics and combustion driven liquid dynamics. No one knows who made this video or where it came from.

  • answers.yahoo.com is a first person shoot ’em up

    Danny Sullivan takes a look at the growth of answers.yahoo.com and compares it to other successful social media properties.   If it were a computer game, Wikipedia would be a strategy game in which you take a long view to win a campaign or goal. Yahoo Answers is a first-person shoot-’em-up. Questions appear, and as […]

  • Spore

    OMG! I’ve been hearing all about this game as the next greatest thing but until you see it, you can’t really appreciate just how cool it is. Joystiq has links to videos from E3 that show the game in action and it looks amazing. Joystiq Video, Wired Spore Event 

  • The New Yahoo Games

    While the big gaming show E3 is going on in Los Angeles, Yahoo Games has released an update to Yahoo Games including a shiny new version of Yahoo Chess.

  • Social Software as a Game

    Three really great links that explore the relationship between a vibrant community site (i.e. Digg, MySpace) and an engaging multiplayer online game. Casual Games =~ Social Software – Duncan Gough Putting the Fun in Functional – Amy Jo Kim’s slides from eTech Write up of Amy Jo’s presentation – Bruce Stewart

  • Job Requirement : Level 60 World of Warcraft Guildmaster

    By John Seely Brown and Douglas Thomas write in Wired that contrary to popular perception, multi-player online games are a good training ground for junior management. . . . the process of becoming an effective World of Warcraft guild master amounts to a total-immersion course in leadership. A guild is a collection of players who […]

  • Video Games Live with Full Orchestra

    Video Games Live with Full Orchestra

    Advertised in the entertainment section of my paper as, “A groundbreaking live event celebrating the music of video games,” comes Video Games Live, a full orchestra performance of the music of Halo, Zelda, Warcraft and others. Partially backed by Clear Channel, the performance will feature, “music from the world’s most popular video games performed by […]

  • Treasure Hunt #3

    TypePad 10% Lifetime Discount card to the first one there. In a back alley in San Francisco. Go to blupointesf.com to find address of a yummy restaurant near Union Square, get a seat outside in the back alley and while you are enjoying your scallops and Chardonnay, look for this card on the wall opposite […]

  • Treasure Hunt #2

    If you’re going to be in San Francisco, look behind the “s” for 10% off your TypePad subscription. Hint: it’s near the merry-go-round. Be sure to leave a comment if you find it.