Birf-day Weekend

Tyler called me on Saturday and told me to look in the drawer under my sock drawer where Izumi and the kids had stashed a birthday card for me before I left. He was so excited to tell me about the suprise and it was so sweet to have something from them to kick off the weekend.

Thank you Mie, Dav, Doug, Brian, Emily and everyone else who spent time with me through the weekend. It was fun! Mie was in full moblog mode and documented everything down to each tiny detail. Dinner in North Beach, the band we saw at El Rio in the Mission, a visit to the Scrap House, the Alameda Antique Fair, and our visit to Lucky Juju’s Pinball Palace. Old friends from Tokyo, Brian and Emily joined us later on Sunday for a drive up to Tilden Park and dinner at Zachary’s Pizza on Solano Avenue. I should have more of these Birthday things, good for the soul they are!

Weekend Treasure Hunt

Looking for 10% lifetime discount off on a TypePad subscription? Just to keep things interesting and fun around here, I’m going to start hiding little promotional discount cards for TypePad around the city and post hints on this blog where you can find them. The first card is hidden near the corner of 4th and Harrison in San Francisco, in front of the Whole Foods entrance on 4th


Once you see this lightpost, look down, then around. A little froggie will be peering out at you.

Leave a comment once you pick up the card to keep others from looking. Stay tuned for more Weekend Treasure Hunts!

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Office Party

dsc02512.jpgOn Friday, my company held its Christmas Party in its new offices in San Francisco which are getting spiffed up for us to move into next week. The place was decked out in holiday lights with screens for a DJ to play slow motion snowboarding movies as background to his mix. It looked smashing. I was too busy to take many pictures but my moblogging sister covered for me.

Julia couldn’t wait to wear the dress she picked out for the event ($10 at the local consignment store), sleeping with the dress by her side every evening of the week leading up to the party.

Towards the end, there was a secret Santa gift exchange. Tyler won a Moleskin notebook (which he gave to dad), some funky socks (which he gave to mom), and a $10 Starbucks gift card (which he kept for himself). Julia scored the game, Operation to the Ooohs & Ahhhs of the collective crowd. When was the last time you played this game?

They Came From Hollywood


I had to post this magnificent screen shot from a game that I can’t wait to play. The game is currently being developed by two San Francisco game designers and will be sold independent of any major publishing house. The detail on the screenshots page is mind-boggling and their description of the project shows that they also have a great sense of humor:

They Came From Hollywood is a real-time strategy/action game in which you take on the role of a giant B-movie monster in your own cheesy B-movie. Ravage cities while fighting off the military. Eat people. Eat cars. Punch holes in buildings, knock down billboards and kick over every newspaper stand in ten blocks. Everything is destructible: buildings topple, dust rises, fires spread, cars explode, broken fire hydrants shoot streams of water. Pick up any mailbox, street lamp, light pole, and throw it — or any unfortunate human, for that matter.

Big is good, little is bad…and you’re big, baby, city-threatenin’ big. TCFH is currently in development here at Octopus Motor and planned for debut in 2004.

I know…you’re thinking, “yes, that’s all well and good, but where are the bullet points?”

So here’s where we fire off a volley of bullet points all John-Woo style…mind the flying cartridges.
Yes, Frank, I’m dumping you.

* Play as one of twelve unique giant monsters
* Customize your monster
* Destroy six great U.S. cities
* Cities are totally destructible environments
* Take on worthless humans in four different time periods
* Utterly ridiculous backstory

Okay, I’m kidding about the backstory. There’s no backstory. There’s no front story, either. We may have wedged a little story in there sideways somewhere, but you’re not gonna be able to get it out unless you have one of those really small metric screwdrivers. We hope you enjoy the game anyhow.

They even are creating an interface for Dance Dance Revolution pad so you can control the game monster by stomping your feet. They are also taking solicitations for screams that, if they pass muster, will be sampled and used in the game.

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iTunes fun

We had a blast after dinner today with a new game we made up using Apple’s iTunes software. Taking turns we all would think of a phrase or a concept to type into the search box and then dance to the 30 second samples that matched that concept.

“Cha Cha Cha” was a good one and that got us grooving onto “mambo” to which we danced to a Tito Puente song called “Hong Kong Mambo” – from there Tyler wanted to try “Green” which didn’t turn out that great but it did bring us to a tune by Fat Boy Slim which led us to . . . you get the idea.