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  • code or developer, chicken or egg?

    Found this by browsing the popular links page on de.licio.us. Google has countered Yahoo’s Search API page with a revamp of their own API page. Links out to sample APIs, documentation, and even a blog. One major difference is that they are also posting links to projects that they have released as open source. The […]

  • Google Hubris?

    I just uninstalled Google Desktop Search which has been running alongside Yahoo Desktop Search for the past few months. Not only did Yahoo have a better preview feature of hits, Google’s tool was, strangely enough, too integrated into the browser. I prefer to jump into "Search archives & files mode" as a separate activity from […]

  • Farking Google

    This one’s my favorite but there’s a whole bunch more photoshop fun over on Fark.com.

  • Google Video Search

    Google Labs just announced that they are now providing a video search engine. Details in a BBC article here. This is slightly different than the video search announced by Yahoo earlier in that is indexes the closed caption content provided with television shows and returns results that show where in television segment the search terms […]

  • December 2004 TiE SIG

    I took notes at the inaugural meeting of the new TiE Special Interest Group focused on the internet. The event was titled, “Wikis, Blogs, and Other Four Letter Words” and put together by Manish Chandra who wants to create a program, “to educate and inspire people to innovate and enter the next dimension of the […]

  • The end of media as we know it

    The end of media as we know it

    The creepy tone of the background music sets the stage for this look back at the demise of traditional media as we know it from the perspective of 2014. Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Friendster and the trend towards personalized and automated filters to help manage information flow pull down the Fourth Estate. “The New York Times […]

  • Guessing what you’re after

    I just downloaded Firefox 1.0 this morning and with my Noia theme there’s a big blue lollipop thing right next to the address bar. Hover text says, "Type a location in the address field, then click Go" It looks like it’s using the Google "I’m feeling Lucky" result which I stayed away from because of […]

  • Google Desktop Search

    In a move that took everyone by surprise, Google announced a new downloadable product that installs on your hard drive, indexes your email, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and AIM chat logs and adds them to the Google Search results window. The expected move was that Google would launch their own, Google-centric browser but they have once […]

  • Google News Forever in Beta

    Why has Google News been in Beta for three years? Because as soon as they try and place ads on the Google News pages to monetize the traffic, they’ll be hit with a barrage of cease & desist letters from publishers around the world says Wired’s Adam Penenberg.

  • The Political Bias of Algorithms

    In a review of the Google and Yahoo news sites in Online Journalism Review, Ethan Zuckerman puts forward a very interesting theory as to why the alternative news sites bubble up to the top of the relevance ranking algorithms at Google News. “I think what you’re seeing is an odd little linguistic artifact,” said Zuckerman, […]

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