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  • Feedburner Stats Way Down

    I noticed a big drop in the number of Feedburner subscribers to my blog over the past few days with the number of subscribers dropping nearly 50% starting sometime Thursday last week (May 8th). I noticed one other person reporting a drop and they pointed to Google Reader numbers being the culprit and, sure enough, […]

  • Tim O’Reilly is Skeptical about OpenSocial

    Tim O’Reilly sums up quite nicely the key problem we’re all waiting to see solved with OpenSocial If all OpenSocial does is allow developers to port their applications more easily from one social network to another, that’s a big win for the developer, as they get to shop their application to users of every participating […]

  • How does OpenSocial map identities?

    I’ve been pouring over all the commentary on yesterday’s announcements of Google’s OpenSocial initiative. I’ll reserve judgment until the MyBlogLog team has had a chance to check out the documentation to see what’s possible. One open question I have is the one raised in this post by Dan Faber about the GetFriend call, MySpace CTO […]

  • Google Maps in your Pants?

    Oh my God – this is so bad it’s funny. Dave Cassel of 10 Zen Monkeys deconstructs a radio spot on the GPS-enabled Helio that features a jingle refrain that’s going to stick with me a long time. I don’t think this was what Google was thinking when they set out to “organize the world’s […]

  • When Ad Sense Misbehaves

    Jay Allen of Six Apart points to Ad Sense showing up in his Vox comment box. It’s a bug of course (limited to Safari) but with all the talk about marketers "inserting themselves into the conversation" this made me laugh. UPDATE : Whiz kids over at 6A kicked the tires and now all is well […]

  • Legalese down your throat

    As someone who played around with Google Video shortly after launch I got an email last night letting me know that Google will start running advertisements on selected content. At the end of the email it asks you to login to agree to a new Terms of Service. Is it just me or does this […]

  • Google Analytics has overlays

    Google Analytics has overlays

    I was playing around with Google Analytics today and noticed that they slipped in a new feature which is pretty cool. Each link on your page has an overlay on it which, with a little relative progress bar, shows the frequency of clicks. Nice way to visualize how effective your links are if URLs don’t […]

  • Realtime Flight Tracking

    Hey it’s Friday so here’s a little gee whiz technology to play with over the weekend. Aeroseek has added a button to their realtime tracking service that downloads an overlay file that you can view on Google Earth if you have it installed. It updates every minute so you can watch grandma march across the […]

  • Google’s Real Market – Small Business

    Keen observation by Phil Sim on Squash – follow the money trail and you’ll see that Google’s real customers are the small business clients that are buying advertising, not the millions of users running searches. This puts them in direct competition with Microsoft who sees their fastest growing market in the SMBs. People have questioned […]

  • SD Forum Search SIG – Demos

    Product demos for edgio.com, oodle.com, and googlebase

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