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  • Josh Hawley Running

    One of the highlights, comic relief actually, from last night’s House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack hearing was when they showed a sequence of images showing a defiant Missouri senator Josh Hawley before the insurrection and a video clip of him running after as the senator fled from the mob he helped incite. […]

  • View Source Parody

    A derivative work surfaced the other day, helpfully linking itself to it’s source material. Obi-Wan Kenobi Is Dead, Vader Says Bin Laden is Dead, Obama Says This is Mad Magazine territory.

  • Singularity and Sentience

    Singularity and Sentience

    I tuned into the launch of Echo’s social media mixer, the StreamServer, which they describe as a platform for the activity streams-based economy. As the saying goes, in a world where the amount of information is ever-expanding and time remains constant, attention is what is of value. As your phone and computer beeps and buzzes with […]

  • Contagious Media Showdown

    There’s lots of slick sites here, all looking to catch that hook that will bring the fame and fortune (ok, well mostly fame). Maybe my standards are more base as the execution is totally crude (think of a circa-1988 Geocities website) but my personal favorite features a lanky masked man as an unlikely hero dancing […]

  • Should the FBI be renamed the FIB?

    More on my theory that key indicators to the Al-Qaeda threat were lost in the shuffle due to a lack of trained Farsi translators posted by boingboing.net Quoting an interview in Government Executive magazine with Sibel Edmonds, a translator hired by the FBI, Edmonds said she was hired to retranslate material that was collected prior […]

  • ugoff.com

    Boing Boing points to another mini-site put up by the Miami-based ad agency behind Subservient Chicken. These guys are re-writing the rules of Western advertising with their deconstructionalist, tongue-in-cheek dig at stereotypes and creative use of new and old media to position their clients’ products. I’ve been the bemused recipient of some of their other […]

  • p-p-p-powerbook

    I normally feel sorry when the web swarms around something they want to make fun of but in this case it’s fully justified. If you’ve read about scammers who prey on eBay innocents, you’ll get a kick out of this meme. A scammer tries to get someone to send him a $2000 PowerBook to the […]