One of the highlights, comic relief actually, from last night’s House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack hearing was when they showed a sequence of images showing a defiant Missouri senator Josh Hawley before the insurrection and a video clip of him running after as the senator fled from the mob he helped incite.

It’s helpful to see the reaction in the room.

The quips started coming in right away,

Today, the memes began in earnest, open the thread to hear all the variations.

Representative Kinzinger even gave Hawley a new nickname, Fistpump McRunpants.

Then Hawley made things worse when he tried to capitalize on his trending hashtag to promote his merch (the Before). Twitter responded with the After.

SB Nation even did a deep dive piece and calculated that how fast Josh ran in the “January 6 combine.”

Others just made comparisons.

The footage of “Hawley hawling ass” will forever be his legacy. It’s even mentioned on his Wikipedia page. Of course the Missouri Democrats are already making hay of it with a 5K “Hawlin’ Hawley” fundraiser.

The News Gods have spoken, Josh Hawley Running is the gift that will keep on giving.