The week that was

Only one week in use and already, a rock has hit the Webb space telescope.

Chevrolet got into the NFT game and put a limited edition token up for auction to drum up excitement for their latest model Corvette. Only problem? Zero bids.

Curators at the Cincinnati Art Museum discovered that an unassuming bronze disc in the museum’s storage is actually an exceedingly rare Chinese “magic” mirror.

The WNBA held its All-Star Game and the MVP trophy was mocked for it’s diminutive size.

The Stanley Cup tradition of sending the trophy to each player on the winning team was disrupted temporarily when it was delivered to the wrong house across town. More stories from the Cup’s previous escapades.

Indian police busted up a gang that had set up a fake cricket league to lure in Russian online betting. The games were “played” on a remote farm by hired day laborers complete with piped in crowd noises and halogen lamps to stage night games on the streamed broadcast.

Nuke Bizzle, a rapper who made a music video bragging about ripping off the government, agreed to plead guilty to federal fraud.

A Rwandan cyclist climbed l’Alpe d’Huez on a 40-pound single-speed bike to raise money for charity. That is not him in the photo above, that’s Tom Pidcock, the youngest winner of an Alpe d’Huez TDF stage after a hair-raising 100kmh descent earlier in the stage.

Rowdy, a family’s beloved pet cat that’s been dodging airport personnel, airline employees, construction workers and animal experts since escaping from a pet carrier at Boston’s Logan Airport about three weeks ago, was reunited with her family.

A volunteer in New Zealand has become the first person to undergo DNA editing in to lower their blood cholesterol.

BBC wins the headline of the week award.

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