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  • Google’s Real Market – Small Business

    Keen observation by Phil Sim on Squash – follow the money trail and you’ll see that Google’s real customers are the small business clients that are buying advertising, not the millions of users running searches. This puts them in direct competition with Microsoft who sees their fastest growing market in the SMBs. People have questioned […]

  • Calendars, the new frontier

    Lots of activity in the shared calendar space which has blossomed most recently with the impending launch of 30 Boxes which, by all accounts, is beautiful and fantastic. I’m sorry I missed the show & tell up in San Francisco (other plans) but I’m signed up for the beta and am looking forward to taking […]

  • Google Reader API

    Microsoft’s plans to bake the RSS reader into the next version of Outlook

  • RSS for Data Synchronization

    Exciting news out of Redmond. Ray Ozzie is bringing his experience and approach to synchronization that he applied to his earlier products Lotus Notes and Groove to Microsoft’s implementation of RSS. We can look for future products such as their hosted Live products suite to include these synchronization features and Ray has published a post […]

  • Are we there yet?

    So if Microsoft and Yahoo are cross-linking their two IM networks and now AOL and Microsoft are set to announce a link up on Monday, does that mean that someone with Microsoft Messenger may be able to see both the AOL and Yahoo IM networks? We’ll have to wait for the conference call on Monday.

  • “Hosted Office. Hosted Everything.”

    Richard MacManus hones in on the key quote in an Information Week article about Microsoft’s direction with SharePoint. At a conference scheduled to take place in San Francisco next week, Microsoft is due to announce it’s plans for software-as-a-service and it appears that this will mean more than just hosted SharePoint servers. How much would […]

  • Microsoft, Google & Cross Dressing

    Whew! Take a week off and all hell breaks loose. First the rumored Google Secure WiFi service looks to be a reality. Danny Sullivan does the rundown of motives but still wonders why Google would go to such extremes to maintain an infrastructure so far outside of their core expertise when they already have so […]

  • MSN to compete with Gawker & Weblogs Inc.

    Now we know why Microsoft was seen on the job boards looking to hire bloggers. MSN’s new service, Filter, aims to take the best of the blog posts and highlight them for their readers. Slate (now owned by the Washington Post Company) was Microsoft’s last big effort at content creation and for that effort they […]

  • Microsoft, Longhorn, and RSS

    Lots of buzz around Microsoft’s announcement that they are going to bake RSS into the next generation of Windows, Longhorn. If you’ve got the time, I highly recommend you sit through the MSDN Channel 9 video interview with the Longhorn/RSS team taken the day before their announcement at Gnomedex. You can feel the energy and […]

  • Microsoft RSS Reader, Start.com

    I first heard about this from Richard MacManus’ Read/Write Web and only now am getting a chance to play around with it. The server-based reader is part of Microsoft’s experimental sandbox area and there are two versions posted. One is a web-based RSS reader and the other is an online bookmarks list. Unless I’m missing […]