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  • Say it ain’t so. . .

    After much anticipated fanfare, Microsoft launched NewsBot into beta for it’s headline MSNBC site. Looks like the advertising execs got their hands on it first though because, according to an MSN spokesperson, NewsBot favors MSNBC stories over others. an MSN spokeswoman later confirmed it in e-mail. “As Newsbot resides on MSNBC and is branded as […]

  • MSN Newsbot – US Version

    UPDATE: Correction. I see that the US Newsbot site has launched this morning and is framed as subset of the overall MSNBC site. According to this CNet article, Microsoft will launch Newsbot on Tuesday next week. Although it doesn’t spell this out explicitly, it appears that this will be a site focused on aggregating news […]

  • MSN Newsbot expands coverage

    Depending upon your perspective, Microsoft is either dancing around or zoning in on perfecting their news searching technology with their launch of six new regions of their Newsbot beta. Belgium Germany Ireland Switzerland (French) Switzerland (German) US (Spanish) Indonesia Philippines This brings the total to 17 regional views of the news.

  • On things being in more than one place

    Infoworld’s Jon Udell posts outtakes from his interview with Quentin Clark, the director of program management for Microsoft’s WinFS that will serve as core technology of the next generation of Windows code-named Longhorn. Of particular interest is his take on Outlook’s current limitations and the problems posed by trying to work through this: . . […]

  • Lookout Purchased by Microsoft

    Surprise, Surprise. Lookout, the Outlook add-in that I’ve been touting for some time now, has been scooped up by the MSN division of Microsoft. They will be rolling in Lookout’s universal search technology into the next generation MSN search technology. Nothing more than vague musing right now but the statements from the Microsoft press release […]

  • Wall Street Journal picks up scent

    Front Page of yesterday’s Marketplace section has two stories, side-by-side, picking up on the meme of universal search with a graphic of two bloodhounds trying to get their way into a PC. One covers the announcement of the beta MSN search interface announced yesterday and the second looks at Apple’s Spotlight utility for desktop search. […]

  • MSN Search Preview

    Microsoft announced a

  • URL is the new command line

    Flash forward to where we in this debate today. John Gruber points out in his post The Location Field Is the New Command Line, that web-based applications are leapfrogging hardware-specific applications, despite their inferiority. What they’ve got going for them in the ease-of-use department is that they don’t need to be installed, and they free […]