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  • Microsoft to Acquire Groove Networks, Ray Ozzie Will Join Microsoft as New CTO

    Wow. This news took me totally by surprise. Groove is peer-to-peer collaboration software developed by the creator of Lotus Notes. What does this mean for the future of Microsoft Sharepoint? “Peer-to-peer collaboration solutions through Groove’s Virtual Office, which let any Windows-based PC user instantly create. ad-hoc, virtual work spaces that securely and easily span organizational, […]

  • Microsoft AntiSpyware

    James LaLonde, who used left Microsoft to work for Network Associates as the head of their operations in Asia, used to joke that his business was safe so long as Redmond stayed out of the anti-virus business. With all the  hubaloo over securtiy and spam, Microsoft announced plans to address it in the recent Windows […]

  • Internet Explorer Update this Summer

    Microsoft announced that it will be updating their Internet Explorer browser which hasn’t had a major upgrade since they announced 6.x back in 2002. The news was greated warmly by most users commenting on the MSDN IE blog with many asking for advanced CSS, PNG, and XHTML support while others ask for features such as […]

  • IBM

    There is a very interesting theory about why IBM shed their vaunted ThinkPad & PC hardware division to China’s Lenovo. Attributed to the Petrov Group, in a Business 2.0 article, the theory is that IBM would use it’s partnership (IBM still owns a percentage of Lenovo) to enter the China market with a low cost, […]

  • MSN Desktop Search

    I can barely keep up! On Monday, MSN announced the beta of their Desktop search toolbar. At first glance it appears to be the re-branded version of Lookout, the desktop search tool that was purchased back in July. MSN is calling it a “suite” which kind of goes against the popular thinking of these tools […]

  • MSN Spaces

    I’ve been staying up late playing around with Microsoft’s new blogging tool, MSN Spaces. Some pretty neat stuff that should be the buzz of the blogging world tomorrow so I’ve got to bone up. Here’s My Space if you want to see it. And let’s see what a trackback looks like by sending my Firefox […]

  • The end of media as we know it

    The end of media as we know it

    The creepy tone of the background music sets the stage for this look back at the demise of traditional media as we know it from the perspective of 2014. Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Friendster and the trend towards personalized and automated filters to help manage information flow pull down the Fourth Estate. “The New York Times […]

  • MSN Desktop Search

    Windows fan site Neowin leaks screenshots of the makeover of Lookout, the two man company that Microsoft recently purchased. The index, of course, only works across the browser cache in Internet Explorer. Here’s to hoping that Google goes for differentiation by configuring their Desktop search to index the Firefox cache.

  • WinFS as a GUI to Search

    Microsoft blogger Dare Obasanjo digs at Google’s Desktop Search and points to data visualization as the key to the success of Microsoft’s delayed WinFS. While Google and other “command line” search tools are useful for finding that one file that lays somewhere on the internet or on your hard drive, there is clearly a need […]

  • The uncertain future of Internet Explorer?

    It’s been three years since a significant update to IE. Has Microsoft abandoned IE? Microsoft’s last major browser release was in August 2001. The company in the summer of 2003 discontinued its browser for the Macintosh and said it would issue no more standalone versions of IE. Last month, the company released new IE security […]