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  • NYC – Water Logged

    NYC – Water Logged

    “This changing weather pattern is the result of climate change, and the sad reality is our climate is changing faster than our infrastructure can respond.” Rohit Aggarwala, Department of Environmental Protection Water streaming out between the tiles in the subway. Not too sure about the structural integrity of that column. Brooklyn got over 6 inches…

  • 239 Play & City Island

    239 Play & City Island

    I’m always looking for excuses to explore a new neighborhood so when I read about 239 Play, also known as “Dan’s Parent’s House,” I knew I had to check it out and visit City Island. I took the ferry from 34th Street two stops to Ferry Point Park by Throgs Neck, just a 30 minute…

  • MonsterTrack


    I fell down a rabbit hole the other night watching cyclists on fixed gear bikes ride like maniacs thru busy urban streets. It all started when I ran across this viral video promoting designer Aimé Leon Dore by putting their Knit Cycling Jersey on the back of a rider navigating the busy streets of Manhattan.…

  • New Yorker

    New Yorker

    At what point to do you start calling yourself a New Yorker?

  • Manhattan Tower of Terror

    Manhattan Tower of Terror

    A new hotel going up near Times Square is proposing putting one of those vertical-drop rides on the top of the building. In the request, Extell suggests that vertical-drop rides will pull in tourists as well as “a few jaded New Yorkers,” and pitches it as the next level for hoteliers who “must think flexibly…

  • Allen Ginsberg

    Allen Ginsberg

    I recognized the font of the “Howl” on the front of his baseball cap. We struck up a conversation about City Lights bookstore, Ferlinghetti, the Beats and old San Francisco. Eric was his name.  Turns out he was an agent for some of Allen Ginsberg’s art and hung out at his apartment on the Lower…

  • Funny thing about MetroNorth

    Funny thing about MetroNorth

    After catching an epic Phish concert at MSG on 12/29, I took the MetroNorth from Grand Central to meet my cousin to see Dark Star Orchestra at the famed Capitol Theater in Port Chester. I’ve never been to the Cap but have heard numerous tapes of legendary shows from this venue so I was looking…

  • New Yorkers Stick Together

    New Yorkers Stick Together

    New Yorkers face all sorts of hassles that come with living in the big city. Whether it’s the daily breakdown of the subway or a parade blocking your crosstown taxi, these is always some minor inconvenience that comes with living in a vibrant city. The day-in-and-day-out of millions of people rubbing shoulders, fulfilling their dreams…

  • NYC Rat Czar

    NYC Rat Czar

    NYC is looking for a bad ass rat terminator.