Toilet Tank

toilet.JPGDon’t worry, the toilet flushes without disturbing the fish and you have to admit, it’s something to look at while relieving yourself. What’s interesting is that Aquariass was covered by Popgadget, which advertises itself as a personal tech site for women, who will not be able to enjoy it’s beauty in quite the same way as men.

Order yours today for $1,100 and allow 10-12 weeks for delivery.






2 responses to “Toilet Tank”

  1. mie Avatar

    Oooo. I want that. But I’m sure Kats and Waka will start hanging around the toilet then…and as it is, Kats is quite fascinated by the water “pond” already…

  2. Celine Avatar

    these fishes must have a crap time every day then…

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