Month: January 2005

  • Scoble’s Business Blog Book

    Microsoft Blogger, Robert Scoble, and seasoned PR pro, Shel Israel, are working on a new book about business blogging, The Red Couch. From their proposal to the publisher: The Red Couch explains the why and how of blogging to business people. Using recent case studies throughout its 250-300 pages, it will demystify this disruptive technology […]

  • Harley-Davidson, Japanese Engine?

    I took my father in law out to visit a motorcycle distributor where he was hoping to get a distributor for the high end wheels made by Dymag, a company he owns. While it’s always interesting to step into a new industry and learn a bit about it, one of the more juicy bits of […]

  • Buzz Marketing with Blogs

    I haven’t had a chance to skim this yet but it should be of interest to anyone thinking of adding blogs to their marketing campaign. I hope there’s a section that says there is no quick any easy way to launch a popular blog – it really comes down to having a site that is […]

  • Six Apart & Live Journal

    The internet has been on fire the past few days here at Six Apart sales with the announcement that we are acquiring Live Journal. I’ll be the lazy meta man and link to our very own Jay Allen who’s done a great job of pulling together the “must reads” on the topic. I will continue […]

  • Class of ’84 Update

    Class of ’84 Update

    Dear Middlesex School Class of ’84, Last time around, a fair amount of people wrote in but only a few took advantage of the “comment” link below this post to put their updates online. According to a recent report out by the folks over at Pew, some 12% of Americans have posted comments on weblogs […]

  • Credit History

    So I’m almost done updating my addresses on all the various magazines, credit cards, frequent flier accounts, and other sundry organizations that like to mail me things from time to time.  Today I called Citibank and in the process of updating my address am given the gentle pitch to take advantage of their service which […]

  • Monterey


    For the last weekend of the year, we travelled two hours south to Monterey where we stayed for two nights to unwind a bit. We made no specific plans except to see the famous aquarium where the only captive white shark in the world continues to thrive in their big tank. Things really clicked for […]


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