Bite PR Blogging Seminar – How to Pitch Bloggers

Presented by Jill Ratkevic of Bite.

Tivo – select play, select 30, select. Not something that Tivo could officially endorse or promote but blogging has gotten the word out there for them.

On blogging and journalism – blogging is open source journalism. Whatever you write will be corrected by your readers. If you readers have a bad experience that you don’t cover, they will contribute this information as comments. It’s based on dialog, not monologue.

On harnessing the conversation – relationships take time, talk about the issues first, not your product.

Pitching bloggers – need to build cred with the influencers by tipping them off with fresh information in real-time for feedback which can then be incorporated into your pitch to the mainstream media.

Traditional PR is about the number of clips. It’s a different world now. It’s no longer about mentions, it’s about results. Jill talks about their client which generated much better ROI from their 10,000 beta testers that seeded the conversation around their product than from traditional press releases and media tours.






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