Bite PR Blogging Seminar – Tom Foremski

Tom previously was the Silicon Valley correspondent for the Financial Times and later founded the Silicon Valley Watcher.

Tom joined to FT to take advantage of the brand and the infrastructure to get his word out. When blogging came along, this new publishing and distribution system came to the masses.

Are bloggers journalists? Not a relevant question – it’s all about reach. It’s about a trusted relationship, a brand that gets built up reader-by-reader over time.

Richard Koman on blogging ethics – most of the people that were paid to blog for Marqui ended up just blogging about being paid to blog about Marqui and didn’t write much about the actual CMS product.

On SEO – don’t waste money on search engine optimization, companies should put their money back into “their knitting”. Why waste money on boosting your ranking if you can’t deliver on what you promise via your links.

On sources – people can’t help telling you stuff. It’s important to let people know that “off the record” is default.

No one has ever been fired for blogging, only for “inappropriate conversations.”






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