Bite PR on Doc’s “snowballs”

Bite’s Trevor Jonas posts about the marketer’s perspective of Doc Searl’s snowball metaphor – "frightening."

I think it’s all about giving into the loss of control. It’s no longer about having a message to control and more about participating in a conversation as a participant and not a leader. This gets to what is still a new concept in marketing circles. Brands are owned by their customers, not the company. This leads to a whole new style of marketing that empowers the external champions of a brand. in this new world it’s all about working through the customers to drive a point, not leading them.

Blogging is a platform that amplifies a message. If your story is told in a way that resonates with your customers, it will be picked up. If it’s well written, it will be picked up with all the contextual detail that will tell the story with less distortion and greater impact.





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  1. Amy Tenderich Avatar

    Yes, Ian, and as we discussed, this also has wonderful ramifications for tight-knit communities like mine. Typepad is the best tool available, by the way! Thanks… amy

  2. bitemarks Avatar

    Looks Like We Might Be Rolling

    So Ian has taken my original post about Doc Searls’ blogs are like snowballs analogy and started to roll a tiny snowball of his own…Personally, I like nothing more than a lively, thoughtful conversation and equal exchange of information. I even ten…

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