Month: May 2005

  • Laying Newspapers down to rest

    More from AlacraBlog, Steve Goldstein has a roundup of some of the latest stories pointing to the demise of the newspaper as we now know it. It may take longer than we think but the signs are all there to the eventual end of a business model that has worked for over 200 years. Craig […]

  • Grokker & Data Visualizaiton

    I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a sucker for whiz bang tools that change the way we look at things. When it comes to search, I’m always on the lookout for a better way to scan a text listing of search results. While there have been many attempts at this (remember some of […]

  • The Bed’s Too Big

    On Friday morning I packed up the wife & kids for a two month trip where the plan is to put Tyler & Julia into public school in Japan. The Japanese school year goes through to mid-July so the idea is that the kids can get some real immersion into Japanese culture and language while […]

  • Cousin Kennedy is in town!

    My cousin Scott is visiting for the day and wanted to know how easy it is to update the clankennedy blog. It’s pretty easy.

  • Word Meme

    Every now and then, a new word makes its way through our office as if everyone is reading and talking to the same people. They look up the word, think it’s useful, then incorporate the word into their daily conversation. I too will succumb with orthogonal.

  • Weekend Treasure Hunt

    Looking for 10% lifetime discount off on a TypePad subscription? Just to keep things interesting and fun around here, I’m going to start hiding little promotional discount cards for TypePad around the city and post hints on this blog where you can find them. The first card is hidden near the corner of 4th and […]

  • Sparkle Body Spray – P&G Character Blog

    The interactive agency Imc2, has launched a character blog running on Movable Type for P&G’s product, Secret Sparkle Body Spray. AdWeek covered the blog and some blogger purists have complained that a character blog, because it masks the true identity of its writer and in this case is blatant in its intent to market a […]

  • NYT puts their best behind a gate

    TimesSelect, a new package being launched by in September, will restrict access to some of the best known columnists to only those with a subscription key. For either $49.95/year or free with a home-delivery subscription to the print newspaper, readers will get an account to TimesSelect which will give them unfettered access to the […]

  • Technorati Amplifies the Conversation at Salon

    Technorati has integrated itself into with a new feature which lists the most blogged stories of the site. In addition, they list links at the bottom of each story so that you can follow the conversation out of Salon and trace the thread into other blogs that have linked to the Salon piece. Richard […]

  • Big Blue Blogging Army

    It’s been known for some time that there are hundreds of bloggers toiling away inside IBM and representing the company to their various audiences. This week, IBM announced support for this grassroots movement and is encouraging any of its 320,000 employees to take up the blog. “We’re not telling our people what to say, we […]