Remix as a Business Model

My friend Alex has the coolest job. His company, Rock River Music (throw on the ‘phones, cool streaming music on their site), puts together compilations of music for retail stores. You know that CD you saw by the register at The Gap? That’s a collection of tracks selected, licensed, and packaged by Rock River.

The LA Times has a piece on them which gave you a peek
at their business. Rock River charges the store about $4 per CD and the store sell the CD for about $15. They can also use the CDs as a promotional giveaway to their best customers. Talk about cheap advertising, this stuff not only pays for itself, it turns a profit.

I loved making mix tapes when I was in college, everything from the song selection & sequence to the tape covers. In the digital age when it only takes a few minutes to rip a disk, it’s a lost art. Alex has found a way to do this for a living. Nice work if you can get it.






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