Month: May 2006

  • Steve Westly does mashups

    California primary elections are coming up on June 6th and while doing some research I noticed that Steve Westly has an interactive bus tour that uses Yahoo maps to show his travel schedule and links to a flickr set as well. Cool!  

  • Open House

    Scenes from Tyler’s open house where parents got to wander around and see what our kids have been up to for the past year. For his big project, Tyler created a planet where “math would be different” and “2+2=22 and 4+4=44”

  • Netsquared Mashup Toolkit

    Thanks everyone that was at the mashup session today at the Net Squared conference. If you’re here because of the session, the url where I’ve gathered some starting links to get you started on learning about mashups is on delicious under the intersection of the “net2” and “toolkit” tags. If you tag anything on delicious […]

  • Blog Search Shootin’ Match

    Bit of a blog search shooting match going on between old standby Technorati and new kid on the block, Sphere. Technorati’s signed on and will work with Edleman on international expansion. Meanwhile, Sphere has embedded their bookmarklet into Technorati looks at link structure while Sphere casts the net a bit wider looking at […]

  •, a social network of iPod-enabled runners

    Apple & Nike launched a new joint service that combines a wireless sensor that you put in your running shoes that uploads pace and distance data to your iPod Nano which you listen to while you run. After your run, you can sync with your account and share your stats with other members. […]

  • Map Directions on your iPod

    iPod Directions is a cool little app that takes your Yahoo Maps (remember, we support multipoint and right-click location) driving directions and puts them in your video or nano iPod. Note: I haven’t been able to get this to work with the Yahoo Maps Beta (I contacted the company several days ago but never heard […]

  • Chinese Blog tops Technorati 100

    Technorati has been keeping track of the increasing number of blogs in languages other than English reporting at their last State of the Blogosphere that English is no longer the dominate language of blogs; the majority of blog posts are now in Japanese. The number one blog on the Technorati 100 is now, 老徐 徐静蕾 […]

  • Tivo serving up advertisments to 30-second skippers

    Davis Freeburg has a long post about Tivo’s new Product Watch service which allows people to subscribe to advertisments. I’ve signed up for the service and will post more about it once I’ve had a chance to try it out. Davis writes: Advertising, ironically enough for an ad zapper, is probably more important to TiVo […]

  • NSA Wiretaps and AT&T

    Dust off the conspiracy books – this one’s getting juicy. Tonight Wired posted the full memo from the whistle-blower at AT&T in San Francisco that tipped off the recent firestorm around suspected domestic spying by the NSA. It gets pretty technical but deep in on page three the writer hints that there may have been […]

  • flickr goes gamma

    I have a confession to make. Although I’ve been using flickr for a good long time (I’ve posted over 500 photos since July 2004), it was only several months ago that I clued into the Recent Activity feature. I had mainly been using the site as a way to stream photos to friends and family […]