Apple & Nike launched a new joint service that combines a wireless sensor that you put in your running shoes that uploads pace and distance data to your iPod Nano which you listen to while you run. After your run, you can sync with your account and share your stats with other members. Nike is also making special shoes with the sensors built in available in mid-July.

It’s worth looking at the video on the nikeplus site. Apple and Nike have done this integration very well and there are many little touches that make it clear that they’ve thought this through very carefully. On the nike site there’s an audio clip of Lance Armstrong talking about how listening to music helps him power through his workout and then there’s a link to the iTunes store where you can eventually purchase Lance’s “Sport iMix.” This channel might even kick off a whole new genre of Sport Music Playlists.

Looking forward to when Apple hooks up with someone for a cyclists’ version. My mix tape of the Cocteau Twins & Sundays helped push me over the Pyrenees.