Month: May 2006

  • The New Yahoo!

    (large posters appeared overnight to promote the brand new home page) Lots of buzz around the new Yahoo homepage which was made available as a preview today. Most appreciated the interactive elements that let you check your email and local traffic conditions without leaving the page. The team packed in a lot of information […]

  • Spore

    OMG! I’ve been hearing all about this game as the next greatest thing but until you see it, you can’t really appreciate just how cool it is. Joystiq has links to videos from E3 that show the game in action and it looks amazing. Joystiq Video, Wired Spore Event 

  • The New Yahoo Games

    While the big gaming show E3 is going on in Los Angeles, Yahoo Games has released an update to Yahoo Games including a shiny new version of Yahoo Chess.

  • Are you engaged?

    Certainly people want good deals, but a good deal is sweeter when it’s available someplace where people can engage. That’s why even small efforts to facilitate shared moments of self-expression make sense for PopSecret at, or for Saab at, or for at (sponsored by Volvo), or for Tazo Tea at, […]

  • Julia on the big screen

    Julia on the big screen

    On a lark I uploaded a recent photo of Julia I had posted to Flickr to Nationwide’s Life Comes at you Fast site. In return, I got an email with a link to their site telling me when the photo would run on the big screen outside the Reuters building. If you’re curious, check out […]

  • Cool Things at Yahoo

    Theres so much activity at Yahoo that many projects or cool little features get lost in the shuffle or overlooked. A couple of engineers were lamenting the fact on an internal mailing list and wondering what could be done to get the word out about their favorite features. It didn’t take long for a couple […]

  • Subscribe to PDF files via iTunes

    Steve Rubel points to an interesting development of Apple’s iTunes client. The addition of PDFs to iTunes is more than just a mildly interesting occurrence. iTunes, as a ubiquitous cross-platform app, has its own embedded browser that powers the music store. It’s conceivable that Apple could turn iTunes into a dedicated RSS reader that operates […]

  • Hidden Images – FedEx

    Did you know that the FedEx logo has an arrow built into it? The Sneeze has an interview with Lindon Leader, the man behind the logo.

  • Why you will no longer skip the ads on “Lost”

    If you’ve been following the ABC television show Lost, you may know that they’ve been building up to a season finale that would integrate the internet and game play into the viewing experience. Tonight the game launched itself with a non-descript advertisement from "The Hanso Foundation" Any regular viewer of Lost knows that this is […]

  • What I learned at ad:tech

    What a difference a year makes! Last year is seemed as if blogs were only given a polite nod and tolerated as something vaguely intersting but mostly for the geek fringe. The majority of the attention was given over to the SEO black arts. This year blogs are a given while the social media darlings […]