My New Start Page for the Next 25 Days

Leslie Harpold will be counting down the days of Christmas with a new daily entry for her online Advent Calendar. Taking advantage of the medium, she will post a carefully selected graphic and link to pair with a Christmas memory from her community. She’s been at for five years so she’s developed quite a following and today solicits her audience for stories of their own.

Merry Christmas everyone!

[thanks for the tip Michael]

UPDATE : I’m sad to hear that Leslie Harpold passed away. As a sad reminder of this, her Advent Calendar is stuck on the 7th of December.






2 responses to “My New Start Page for the Next 25 Days”

  1. Daniel Avatar

    Hi Ian,

    looks nice, except I would change color to white and put snowflakes on it, so it blends into the spirit of Winter and the spirity of Christmas/New Year holidays.

  2. Mark Avatar

    Sadly, Leslie Harpold died a few days ago ….

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