Year: 2006

  • How to Create a Thumbnail Blogroll, a 20-minute hack

    Yahoo! had one of its internal hack days [1] today and while work kept me from devoting enough time to work on an effort on the scale of last time, an email at 9am this morning did give me the chance to show at least something at today’s show-n-tell. I’ve been thinking of picture-in-picture badges […]

  • Sony Mylo

    Forgive the commercial break – Sony Mylo is pretty cool though – just testing video embedding on a post.

  • Top 10 Presentations

    I pretty much agree with all the presentations on this list except for the exclusion of zefrank’s performance at the TED conference in 2004.

  • Microsoft Max

    A P2P picture sharing service or viral user acquisition service for Passport?

  • 1K Project

    The 1K Project overlays 1,000 replays from the PC game Trackmania and composites them into a single video. A lesson in automotive physics and combustion driven liquid dynamics. No one knows who made this video or where it came from.

  • Sea Serpents spotted off the Calfornia Coast!

    Well everyone was so excited about the hidden Yahoo yodel on the home page that I just had to tell you about the discovery of sea monsters three miles due West of the Golden Gate bridge. Thanks to Yahoo! Cool Thing of the Day for this one. Your daily dose of straight talk from your […]

  • flickr images in space and time

    I was going to hold off on the Yay! Yay! Yahoo! posts for awhile after such a long string of them but then flickr took it’s wraps off it’s maps integration and I couldn’t resist. If you haven’t had a chance to play around with this, check it out. From your flickr account you can […]

  • Open Yahoo Hack Day

    There is another Yahoo Hack Day for Yahoo staff coming up next month. Last time was a blast and our hack continues to live on with a recent mention in BusinessWeek. I fully intend to participate and am already thinking about a few ideas but am even more psyched that we’re opening things up to […]

  • Adam Greenfield’s Everyware Principles

    What will the world be like when everything you own is networked? What if the floor on which you walked, the clothes on your back, your razor, and even in your toilet could not only talk to each other but also could share information with your friend’s devices and other devices and sensors connected to […]

  • Yahoo Publisher Network

    Serving the space between