Year: 2006

  • Web 2.0 Summit – where do we go from here?

    Various technological shenanigans kept me from live-blogging last week’s Web 2.0 Summit as planned so here’s my run down of the highlights from my notes. Don Tapscott’s workshop and the popular Launchpad session are covered in earlier posts. The conference has already been covered in depth so I’ll try and add my own personal observations […]

  • I’ve been Wagged!

    It wasn’t exactly the debut on Valleywag I was looking for but I’m on a roster of folks scheduled to be booted from Yahoo next week: Senior Product Manager in Corporate Development Ian Kennedy [here for another ride (maybe the tilt-a-whirl)] Heh.  They’ve got me in the wrong group, I’m a Product Manager of […]

  • Web 2.0 Summit – Launchpad

    The Launchpad session last year was one of the more exciting sessions at the Web 2.0 show. This year they had a panel filter through hundreds of candidates to arrive at the “baker’s dozen” below: – music practice as a video game. Play along to background music and get realtime feedback on how you’re […]

  • Don Tapscott – The Digital Generation

    Don Tapscott wrote Growing up Digital and the Digital Economy We’re going through an echo of the baby boom but the echo is actually louder because there are more kids than there are boomer. 80 million. No wonder we have a crises in the school system. This generation is the first to grow up “bathed […]

  • Christmas Shopping 2.0 and Riya

    A little tidbit I picked up from a fellow at Riya. They will be announcing Riya 2.0 in the next few days which will take their face-recognition know how and apply to finding similar things when out shopping. He pointed to the rather ornate carpet on which we were standing and said that Riya would […]

  • Widgets Live

    Put together in just a couple of weeks by Niall Kennedy and Om Malik, the Widgets Live conference was a timely event that capitalized on the catchphrase of the day and the fact that a lot of folks are in town for the Web 2.0 conference. The sold out crowd of 200 leaned towards the […]

  • Download and Recharge

    So I’m off to a series of conferences this week and next which I hope to treat as my own version of think week to kick off my planning for things I want to tackle for 2007. I’ve had a year with Yahoo and a few months working with the team behind the Yahoo Publisher […]

  • Once we can address the past, we have time travel

    Excerpts from an IM conversation with a colleague in which we figured out how we will eventually be able to time travel. It’s Friday.  [13:15] jonathanhstrauss: as or more disruptive than web 2.0[13:15] jonathanhstrauss: which i define as the disaggregation of the back end services from the front end uis[13:16] finduseshare: didn’t apis and xml […]

  • Rocketboom for the Wall Street crowd

    Wallstrip, the new daily video blog featuring Lindsay Campbell, is Wall Street’s version of Rocketboom. Same formula as the old Rocketboom – simple set, man-on-the-street inteviews, a mix of tech topics and snippets of groaners from the internet. The difference is that the subjects and audience for this show is the Wall Street set – […]

  • Reuters opens up bureau in Second Life

    Reuters opens up bureau in Second Life

    Can taxation be far behind?